The shopping experience has changed.

Customers are more fluid in their decision making and purchase patterns and require a frictionless customer experience. CX is a focal point for the smartest brands to drive customer loyalty, sales growth, and ultimately increased profitability. CX has never been more critical – but not every business is capable of succeeding with CX on their own.

That’s why we’re here.

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What we do


We deliver results-driven communicational services within retail. WaveCrest is a retail agency that looks at every aspect of the shopping experience to inspire your customers. We influence their brand choices, win their loyalty and drive sustainable sales growth for you.


Our mission is to be the most valuable business partner for our clients. We do this by measuring our success by the success of our clients.
We succeed with our mission by helping our clients to service their customers with great Customer Experiences.
Our belief is; Experience * Engagement = Brand Equity.
Experience is how consumers feel. How the brand comes to life for the customer and the emotion it evokes.
Engagement is what consumers do. How they interact with the brand through touchpoints and activities, reactions and collaborations.

Our team

Sune Nielsen


Christina Nielsen

Agency Director

Amanda Brødsgaard Korsholm

Client Operations Manager

Aleksander Kähler

Nordic IT Operations Manager

Andreas Mark Stefansen

Nordic Client Manager

Lukas Renlund

Online Business Development Manager

Thomas Kjer Petersen

Nordic Master Trainer

Frederik Sandberg

Graphics Design Intern

Linlu Guo

Microsoft Community and Social Media Manager

Sebastian Åhlman

Microsoft Commercial Trainer


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The why

Buying is as emotional as it is logical

We can inspire shoppers to take action, because we understand how people feel. And we know what to do to influence those feelings. Yes, there’s lots of science, measurement, and strategy behind that. There’s a fair amount of inspiration, bravery, and creativity too. But at its heart, it’s about understanding people.

As customer needs are at the heart of what we do, there is an embedded logic that most of our services are centered around actual occurrences – something that takes place in the real world. Digital experiences have their place in CX, but more often than not, screens and content on screens are just time-consuming happenings that don’t provide any enhanced customer experience.

Our approach to customer experience and services are rooted in the logic that the most effective and authentic customer experience is based on human interactions. That does not mean we won’t utilize a digital overlay, but it builds on the common knowledge of humans being social and thus also want to socialize.

With that said, how to operationalize this? Well, we don’t do flashy nonsense. We get right into the nitty-gritty of the customer experience, exploring every aspect of the sale and everything around the sale, looking for opportunities to increase conversion rates. We create a detailed, rigorous, and comprehensive set of tactics that drive measurable revenue growth.

A European Agency


In cooperation with our great European partner agencies we cover 93% of the EU region. We are all market leading and independent Field Marketing Agencies working in a network to share our best practices and enable the European Market coverage for our clients.

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